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New hydrographic film patterns are developed almost daily across the industry. From our experience not every manufacturer in the industry  is producing  the same quality media  which then needs to be activated and  transferred to a 3D object therefore, getting your hands on quality prints and hydrographic activator is a major key to achieve the quality results. its also has come to our attention that many  small distributors fail to provide a control environment for their PVA films  which can be affected dramatically  by overexpose to humidity and temperatures that are outside the media’s tolerance. So if your business is focusing to achieve the ultimate quality results for your customer your product supplier will be required to demonstrate the quality you need.

At WTP Australia with the help of our business partners and agents across Australasia we warranty our products for lifetime.

Hydro Dipping Australian Warranty

Hydrographics WTP warranty

At WTP Australia we believe every step of the hydrographic process requires timing precision  and most importantly quality paint products.

The WTP hydrographic dipping  process is a major part of a paint system which needs to be applied in almost every occasion with a quality 2k top clear coat to seal the product for lifetime.

If you need assistance with which products choice to use please contact our WTP hydrographics team for assistance and advice.

 Note:  Stay away from backward operators using cheap media as this will have an effect on the quality and future tolerance of the product exposed to the weather elements and UV. The same applies for products found in a rattle cans/ spray cans  been found containing a low quality products.Hydrographics Film